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      • 2019年諾貝爾物理學獎、生理學或醫學獎揭曉

        On October 8, the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2019 was announced. The prize was awarded to "help us understand the evolution of the universe and the position of the Earth in the universe", and a total ...

        6 教育心得 9小時前
      • 國慶假期國內旅游收入,多項消費數據新高!

        Nearly 1.4 billion people, the world's largest middle-income group, huge market space and strong purchasing power have become a reliable guarantee for China's economic development. During this...

        5 興趣培訓 10小時前
      • 房貸利率正式掛鉤LPR

        Since Oct. 8, the interest rate of housing loan has been changed from the reference loan benchmark interest rate to the reference loan market quotation rate (LPR) pricing. According to the announcemen...

        4 教育心得 10小時前
      • 十一假期旅游報告出爐: 紅色旅游熱度高漲

        During the "eleven" golden week of 2019, tourism consumption was hit a new high by the positive factors such as the price reduction of scenic spots, high speed free and integration of Wen and tourism....

        11 興趣培訓 1天前
      • 國乒包攬瑞典公開賽五項冠軍

        Sweden in October 6th local time, the Swedish table tennis open competition has conducted the men's and women's singles finals.瑞典當地時間10月6日,瑞典乒乓球公開賽先后進...

        9 寓教于樂 1天前
      • 首批北京冬奧會和冬殘奧會吉祥物特許商品開售

        On the morning of October 5, 2019, when the mascot of the Olympic Winter Games and the winter Paralympic Games was released, the first batch of mascot licensed products were on sale at the first Winte...

        11 寓教于樂 3天前
      • 夕陽如夢獨登樓

        The sunset on the horizon is falling on the edge of a dream. The subtle reddish is vaguely shallow purple, rendering a melancholy charm, looking forward to the clouds all over the sky, the rolling mou...

        26 興趣培訓 2019-09-30 13:56:45
      • 與雪的約會

        Hold up the flower umbrella, walk on the long snow-covered road, see the snow drifting, at first, as if she was still a very ordinary encounter, did not think much.撐起雨傘,走在白雪覆蓋的...

        30 寓教于樂 2019-09-30 13:48:33
      • 90后博士獲聘華東交大教授

        Because of a special identity, Hu Jian, 29, suddenly gained a lot of attention. After graduating from the Metal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hu Jian was hired as a professor ...

        33 教育心得 2019-09-29 13:36:30
      • NASA繪制迄今最精確黑洞圖像:扭曲的世界

        Speaking of the most powerful and mysterious black hole in the universe, what kind of image will appear in your mind? In general movies and popular science works, it is often like this: the huge accre...

        27 寓教于樂 2019-09-29 13:23:28
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